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A podcast of Science, Comedy and Ignorance.

183 - 183.0 - Smart Enough to Race Rats

The Tonga Volcano, Spicy Food, Facial Hair, Contraception, Rats Driving, Mirrors, Geometric Mean.

182 - Smart Enough to Leap Frogs

Millipede legs, Butter, Common cold vs Covid, The best mugging victim and Cobra venom.

181.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Qui Custodiet Medicus

Greg talks to Tom Salinsky about Doctor Who and Big Finish.

181 - Smart Enough to Steam Power

Bird Names, Teeth Brushing, Clean Rooms, Rocket Spinning, One Food, Finger Clicking.

180.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Snapshot 4 - 18 months later

A catchup with people from around the globe regarding Covid19

180 - Smart Enough to Glass Bones

The at sign, Hey Siri, Wine glasses, New bits in the body

179.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Wah Punch Man

Greg explores his favourite pop-culture and talks to Kawaii-Fi about anime.

179 - Smart Enough to Drug Capsules

Greg and Dan interview Vienna Tran all about Space Medicine

178.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Storytime Discovery

A few new listener stories about the humour, horror and Ursinology(?) of Discovery.

178 - Smart Enough to Meddle Metal Medals

Greg's Covid vaccine, Olympic Medals, Man eating plants, Metabolism slowdown, Pyramid power, Dan's rant.

177.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Storytime

A selection of short stories and sketches from Greg, Dan and the SE2KB listenership.

177 - Smart Enough to Ape Men

Nutrition, Headaches, Big Bodies and Monster Proofing.

176.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Metapoducken

Greg and Dan were guests on Metapod.

176 - Smart Enough to Bear Grills

Tiny bears, anal breathing and Superman's ice breath.

175.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Who Owns Space

Greg and Dan talk to a Space Lawyer about Space Law!

175 - Smart Enough to Hoof Hearts

X-rays, Chinese rockets, Subtitles, Why men live shorter than women, Bug Zappers and Unicorns.

174.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Snapshots Africa

Greg talks to Tara about how South Africa has been coping with the Year of Covid19

174 - Smart Enough to Heidi Hi

Heidi Allen chats about prehistoric slime and the giant stone towers it created

173.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Snapshots 3 - One Year Later

Greg catches up with with people around the globe.

173 - Smart Enough to Time Tunnels

Grass, Cryptocurrency, Dan's in trouble, Planet tunnel, Patient squid

172.5 - Episode Wah Wonders Why - Here Comes The Sun

Doctor Joel Gilmore returns to talk renewables and how boned are we? Dan is occasionally helpful.

172 - Smart Enough to Count Dracula

Mars Spaceships, Brush Turkeys, Vampire Hospital, Youth Music, Fahrenheit Conversion

171.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Women in Science - Space Heritage

Greg connects with Dr Alice Gorman to discuss space heritage.

171 - Smart Enough to Grey Poupon

Greg faints, Dan snakes, Breast feeding, Dung beetles and fantasy metal.

170 - Smart Enough to Hoe Hose

Cooling a fish tank, Santa's Ho Ho Ho, Stochastic Resonance, Wombles

169.5 - Wah Wonders Why - What the Philosophy?! - Did you have a choice?

Dan and Kevin join Greg to debate free will. A debate that has raged for thousands of years. I guess they solve it in the hour.

169 - Smart Enough to Milk Jokes

Milk Spoilage, Panicky crowds and Dune Spice

168.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Snapshots 2

After 6 months, Greg gets back in contact with people from around the world to see how they are faring in this pandemic world.

168 - Smart Enough to Face Facts

Dan and Greg chat to Dr. Romina Palermo about prosopagnosia (face blindness).

167.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Give me STEAM

Greg has Dr Sam Illingworth on to discuss science and the arts. Specifically, poetry.

167 - Smart Enough to Climb Scales

Mermaids, Outrunning Dinosaurs, Dissolving bodies

166.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Death becomes her

Greg talks to a mortuary assistant about what happens to your body after you pop your clogs.

166 - Smart Enough to Dust Mites

Science Week, Space Force, Henrietta Lacks, Thanos' snap, Greedy Gulls.

165.5 - Wah Wonders Why - The Tax Man Cometh

A breakdown of Greg's tax

165 - Smart Enough to Touch Tones

Dan and Greg chat to Yuma Antoine Decaux about navigating the universe with sound.

164.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Lost Women of Science - Space4Women

Dr SpaceJunk - A/Prof Alice Gorman returns to share her bounty of knowledge

164 - Old Enough to Know Better

Carrington Vanston interview Greg and Dan about the podcast and how it came to be.

163 - Smart Enough to Drill Bits

Sex underwater, Apples, Drilling, De-orbiting satellites.

162.5 - Wah Wonders Why - What the Philosophy? - The price on your head

Kevin, the podcast's Philosopher-in-residence, returns to discuss with Greg how much a human life should be valued.

162 - Smart Enough to Wear Wolves

Toothpaste and OJ, Werewolves on the moon, Peak unhappiness, Terminal velocity of arrows.

161.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Snapshots

Greg takes a global snapshot talking to people around the globe about their pandemic experience. From the U.S, Grenada, New Zealand, Phillipines, Australia, Germany, France, and the U.K people from all walks of life share their thoughts about the pandemic that effects us all. 0h:1m:51s Jess and Gabby - St George's, Grenada. 0h:19m:55s Gabe - Baguio City, Philippines. 0h:30m:15s Megan and Vijay - Munich, Germany. 0h:37m:32s Steve - San Antonio, USA. 0h:45m:48s Eloise - Brisbane, Australia. 1h:02m:31s Natalie - Brisbane, Australia. 1h:15m:02s Rose - London, UK. 1h:29m:07s Kath - Wellington, New Zealand. 1h:38m:03s Elana - Perth, Australia. 1h:43m:28s Amaya - New York, USA. 2h:00m:30s Celine - Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France. 2h:08m:02s Jay - Australia. 2h:16m:36s Dan - The Smart Enough To Know Better Comedy Bunker, Australia.

161 - Smart Enough to Bat Viruses

We discuss the pandemic a little bit but then move onto more fun topics like busy birthdays, ideal glass, losing a moon, chromosomes.

160.5 - Wah Wonders Why - It's Show Time!

Betelgeuse is pulsing with Kat Ross

160 - Smart Enough to Glaze Mugs

Altruism testing, porcelain recycling, drainage and puddles.

159.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Lost Women of Science

Greg is joined by Dr Alice Gorman and Kathryn Ross to discuss the experience of women in science.

159 - Smart Enough to Perfect Pixels

Ultima Thule, Retro Consoles, Vampire power, Movies in the 2020s, Colder as you climb, More continents.

158.5 - Wah Wonders Why - What the Philosophy?! - Compromise

Greg talks to Kevin Lowe about compromise.

158 - Smart Enough to Peck Pickles

Prepping, Raising Children, Pickles, Angry Empathy. Also Soda Blasting, Nitrogen, Pink Noise and walks of shame about continents and dog years.

157.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Sad Astra

Greg and Dan really complain (possibly a bit too much) about a film by a celebrated director that frustrated both of them.

157 - Smart Enough to Click Bait

A conversation with Darren Hamley about dolphins and teaching.

156.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Taste Test

A chocolate experiment

156 - Smart Enough to Shoot Stars

An interview about where rocks come from with Space Rock Scientist Dr. Lucy Forman

155.5 - Wah Wonders Why - What Price Victory - Checkin (Ada)

Greg checks in on Ada from the 'What Price Victory' episode.

155 - Smart Enough to Wee Ones

Sinking the ISS. Syrup. Holding your pee. Protesting. Killing Jar Jar.

154.5 - Wah Wonders Why - What Price Victory - Checkin (Eloise)

Greg checks in with Eloise regarding what horrors babies inflict on bodies.

154 - Smart Enough to Eye Tests

An interview with Optometrist Ben. Also grass and ants, Dengue fever update and 20 minutes at the end where we just chat.

153.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Food of the Gods

Greg dives deep into the world of chocolate.

153 - Smart Enough to Loot Crates

Bombing the moon, Touch surfaces, Office temperature, the Lymphatic system.

152.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Devil in the detail

When the scientific method goes awry. Greg ropes Dan into this one.

152 - Smart Enough to Star Fields

Indigenous Astronomy with Dr. Duane Hamacher

151.5 - Wah Wonders Why - It takes ≥ two to tango

Polyamory with Scott and Amy

151 - Smart Enough to Baby Brains

Overly smart bombs, Beluga planes, Baby brains, Chips, Pokemon brains, Zombie foetus.

150 - Smart Enough to Dub Steps

Dub step, Pancakes, Nova, Enviro-science. With Joel Gilmore

149.5 - Wah Wonders Why - What the Philosophy - Eugenics

Kevin Lowe returns to discuss eugenics and genetic engineering.

149 - Smart Enough to Pan Cakes

An interview with Dr Wes Fraser about some very special astral bodies.

148.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Astroquest

Three short interviews with the creators of Astrofest. Kirsten Gottschalk, Dr Luke Davies and Lisa Evans.

148 - Smart Enough to Bug Motels

Mars None, Flying Fish and Boobies, Sleeping with dogs, Killing Cockroaches, DNA hacking, Cryptozoo Healing.

147 - Smart Enough to Bare Bear Bair

Bears, Cats, Dogs, Bluebottles, Indian/asian Mynas, Chicago and its river.

146.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Jefferson Starfish

Doctor Who fan made radio show by Nat Bochenski

146 - Smart Enough to Man Flues

Supernumery nipples. Men getting sick. Fingerprinting urine. New Zealand. The Tassie Devil.

145.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Whether the Weather will Wither the Wether

Climate change. Just how doomed are we? With Dr Sarah Perkins

145 - Smart Enough to King Parrots

Blue Sky, Birds, Speed of Death, Pain Killers, Empty Universe, Cup of Tea.

144.5 - Wah Wonders Why - What the Philosophy!?

Greg talks to ethicist Kevin Lowe about the backfire effect, fear as the basis of society and whether philosophy is a real thing anyway.

144 - Smart Enough to Catch the Breeze

Measuring the wind, Animals that get skin cancer, Sneaky Rex. Iceland 999. Quakes Sketch: Bear Claws

143.5 - Wah Wonders Why - Science!

Greg Wah talks about the scientific process Short Story - Cuckoo Music - Ossuary 6 - Air. Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

143 - Smart Enough to Ice Lands

Greg's trip to Iceland, broken mouse, smelly toilet, clover. Song: MCPC

142.5 - Dan's Memory

Dan explains the Peg Memory Trick.

142 - Smart Enough to Back Doors

Frost, Anal Carbs, Second Brain, Roman invasion of Great Britain.

141.5 - Wah Wonders About Time Travel

In this episode Greg and Dan talk all things Time Travel.

141 - Smart Enough to Scar Tissues

Segments: Scars, Inhaling health, Front facing eyes, Plastic Bags, Kodiak Island. Sketch: Cthulhu by Gaslight.

140.5 - Wah Wonders What Price Victory

What would you pay to compensate for your "flaws"? Greg interviews several people about what they didn't have and whether they chose to buy it.

140 - Smart Enough to Start a Space Bar

We talk to Jaron Mitchell from 4 Pines Beer about their plans to launch beer into space. Also, flaws in the marshmallow test.

139.5 - Wah Wonders Why - No Moon

No Moon with Kate Harborne A/Prof Cassandra Perryman Gretchen McCulloch Lingthusiasm Dr Harriet Mills Dan Beeston

139 - Smart Enough to Count Mammals

Segments: Hangovers, Hidden mammals, Prickly Pears, Social media bubbles, Cordova 999AD. Sketch: Diamond Store.

138.5 - Wah Wonder About Teleportation

Greg chats to Kevin Lowe and Dr Greg Watson about the ethics of teleportation.

138 - Smart Enough to Launch Vegemite

Segments: FM spaceships, Cooked TV, James Gilmore and the Gilmore Space Corporation plus a freezing game show. Sketch: Solo odds

137 - Smart Enough to Shave Furries

Segments: Jute and thread counts, domesticating humans, centaurs and Chu.

136 - Smart Enough to Frighten Birds

Segments: Falcon Heavy and the Space Tesla, mammals with nighttime vision, The black death

135 - Smart Enough to Crack Space Whips

Segments: Dr Alice Gorman, elephant communication

134 - Smart Enough to Juggle Balls

Segments: 2017 was pretty great, Orange peel, Man is nicer than Monkeys, Testicle Transplants, Egypt, Cooking God.

133 - Smart Enough to Guess Passwords

Segments: Acid in food, Fluffy ffffing dinosaurs, Flare Stacks, Knife injuries by night, and Pimping Thailand. Sketch: Police Academy

132 - Smart Enough to Launch Cucumbers

We chat to Dr Michele Bannister about Interstellar 1 and its trajectory through our solar system.

131 - Smart Enough to Stuff Dinosaurs

Counter shading camouflage, creepy occupations, ocean hitchhikers, the young, skunks, Moldovia and Dracula.

130 - Smart Enough to Unite States

Dan and Greg traveled to the land of the USA. They ramble on for an hour and a frickin' half about all the sciencey stuff they found there.

129 - Smart Enough to Know Nutty Robots

David Bell chats about macadamia nuts and robots Also magnet fishing and who's murder bird is who?

128 - Smart Enough to Know Pheromone Trains

Dr Kirsti Abbott talks about Ants.

127 - Smart Enough to Know our Medium Mean Mode

Averages, Drinking pee, Counting Spiders, Australian Hats.

126 - Smart Enough to Know Stone Zuul

Dr. Caitlin Syme explains two exciting dinosaur fossils.

125 - Smart Enough to Know Spider Diets

Spider diets, Smurfs, Musk brain mesh, Sweat, Pimping Sicily

124 - Getting Dogs Drunk

Beer, Sharks, New Continent, Sad Dogs, Tonga.

123 - Froth!

We interview Dr. Helen Czerski about ocean bubbles and froth.

122 - Your New Organ and You

The blackest black. A brand new organ. Popcorn popcorn. The weight of everything. English China. Moscow 1400AD. Coke as a pesticide.

121 - Waporised

Interview: Cavitation bubbles with Dr Danail Obreschkow

120 - A Fish of a Time

Space Law, Sea Sickness, Ethiopia 500AD, Dolphin speech, Cow Burps and Methane.

119 - Deep Sausages

Mars, Blisters, Grip strength, Glue, Pre Incan Tech, Smiling Losers.

118 - A lovely bowl of Bufo Marinus

Greg and Dan chat to Michelle Franklin about the Cane Toad epidemic. Also addresses and ultrasounds.

117 - Squeezing buttocks live at the Planting Festival

Greg and Dan run their game show LIVE at the Planting Festival at Woodford.

116 - A Blunt Chat with Dr. Cassandra Perryman

Cassandra Perryman on drugs and addiction

115 - Black Suits

Crows and tubes, Sonic Booms, Magnetic tapes, Celebrity poop.

114 - The Harvest

Organ donation with Dr. Aimee Cunningham

113 - Hair Brained

Crows sense of self, Frizzy Hair, Sucking blood, Going Loco in Merv.

112 - Planet Nein

Greg and Dan, with the help of Dr Michele Bannister discuss the Pluto flyby results and the mysterious planet found on the outskirts of our solar system.

111 - Valentine’s Goo

Gravitational Waves, Freezing stuff, Chins, Elephants, Trees Breaking, Vikings.

110 - Balloon Horror

Greg and Dan, with the help of Dr Cassandra Perryman, Dr Greg Watson and Natalie Bochenski, get the stories of a bunch of science keenos at the Woodford Folk Festival.

109 - Woodford 2 Frog Bonk

Greg and Dan, with the help of Spencer Howsen, Dr Cassandra Perryman and Caitlin Syme get the stories of a bunch of science keenos at the Woodford Folk Festival.

108 - Woodford 1 Bug Junk

Greg and Dan, with the help of Spencer Howsen and Dr. Jen Parson get the stories of a bunch of science keenos at the Woodford Folk Festival.

107.5 - A Very Hitler Christmas

Segments: Peaches, Resources, Baby Hitler

107 - Bags of Blood

Segments: Pumpkins, Bags under the eyes, Jedis, Coins. Sketches: Neanderthal Farming, Tax, Time Travel Story.

106 - Default Minimum Incoming

Interview: Scott Santen talks about the idea of a default minimum income.

105 - Hey Chicken! You Yella?

Segments: White shirts, Ant medication, Petrol reclaimation and Pimp my Time Kentucky. Sketches: Echo Location, Mars Attacks, Broken Video Game.

104 - Dan and Greg talk rubbish

Interview: Kristin Metzeling about recycling

103 - Lie in it

Segments: Make your bed. Mt Fuji. Babies are goal oriented. Pimp Tehran 500BC

102 - The Lost Interview

Interview: Madeline O'Leary - Epilepsy and Fish.

101 - Horizontal Partying

Segments: Adrenalin, Grandmothers, Air Turbines, Rome 1. Sketches: Earthquake, Probe, Sketch Artist

100 - A turtle poking out LIVE

Episode 100 was recorded live at the Powerhouse Turbine Platform. We play a game show where the audience brings us science stories. Sponsored by spacificatravel.com and aquariumstogo.com.au

99 - Adrift and Encrusted

Segments: Vegan Diet, Barnacles, Magnetic Pole Flip, Columbus and the Pox. Sketches: Multiverse

98 - Spaced Out

Interview: Rebecca Allen - Pluto flyby, plasma tubes.

97 - Floats like an Elephant

Segments: Pluto, Questions, Getting taller, Dumbo, Greece Sketches: Slippery Slope, Prank Call, Amedeo

96 - Climate Change Your Mind

Interview: John Cook - Climate Change debate techniques

95 - The Reich Stuff

Segments: Wolves and baboons, cars and fuel gauges, Dinosaur fingers, Germany 1920 Sketches: Tech Support, Old Macdonald, Documentary

94 - CSI: Mutoudeng Village

Interview: Caitlin Syme and dinosaur forensics.

93 - Rats and Cats

Segments: Rats have empathy, Cats like boxes, can ultrasound damage your ear, Who wants to shoot Hitler, Wiltshire England 2000BC, Terminal Velocity of a plane. Sketches: Firefighteer, Apology, Different sketch.

92 - Slippery When Wet

Interview: Dean Narramore returns to discuss weather and transport.

91 - Hearing Silence

Segments: Private Schools, Infrasound, Pat your dog, Pimp my Time - Khmer Empire. Sketches: Time protest, Paranoia, Cycle of Fear.

90 - Lumber Jacked

Interview: Michael Green - Wooden Skyscrapers

89 - Thunder in the Middle

Segments: Salt water, Eyelash length, He-Man cryptozoo, Zombie spread, Pimp my Time - French Revolution. Sketches: History, Robert the Robber, Neck Pinch

88 - Tiny James Bond

Interview: Dr Wilko Duprez Anti-biotics

87 - Eleven out of Ten

Segments: Neanderthal sex location, Zambonis, Avocados, Women lie about disliking men, LSD Dinosaurs, Surviving in a fictional universe. Sketches: Transylvanian Fonts, Love Poem, Knowing Each Other.

86 - Ince-tant Robin

Interview: Robin Ince (from the Infinite Monkey Cage) discusses how science brings such delight and happiness.

85 - A Bite to the Skull

Segments: Bubbles, Infrared, Minor Planets, Zombie Supermarket, Head Lice. Sketches: Good Cop, Terrible Cop. Cat out of the Bag, Issac Newton Newtonian Weight Loss Programme.

84 - The Future of Work

Interview: Dr Stefan Hajkowicz and the future of work.

83 - Sweeping the Chimney

Segments: Chimneys in the wind, Cracker Science, Mosquito mouths, The Grim Reaper's speed, Chickens and Eggs at the same time. Sketches: The wrong religion, Eating my Bodyweight, 12 days of Xmas.

82 - Bug Hunt

Cryptozoo: How to cook xenomorphs with Kenji Lopez-Alt

81 - A Relay Race of Disease.

Segments: Bubbles, When the neandersex happened, Hand drying, Electricity and the horse race, Holograms for wifi. Sketches: T3h Raven, Meeting Dave, Courteous Aliens.

80 - Popcorn Cows

Interview: Daniella Martin and eating bugs

79 - Babies under the table

Segments: Alcohol in breast milk, attractive men, genetics of your ex-boyfriend, Onions, Tellitubbies. Sketches: Wookie, New suit, 100% of the brain.

78 - Off the Scale

Interview: David Steen - Snakes, tortoises and Godzilla.

77 - Pale Beige Dot

Segments: Microwaving the speed of light, Midges, The colour of the universe, The Rice Experiment, Sitting by yourself, Cryptozoo Thomas the Tank Engine. Sketches: Crocodile Pop, A Woven Blanket, Yoda Training. Song: The Rebuttal of Schrödinger's Cat

76 - The Vaccination Bug

Segment: Who first proved the speed of light? Interview: Prof. John Aaskov - Vaccinations

75 - The Best of Smart Enough to Know Better 2

Segments: Ball Lightning, Silver, The water cycle Songs: My Boddy, Under the C. Cryptozoos: Werewolves, Zombies. Sketches: Apocalypse Brunch, Stormtroopers

74 - The Best of Smart Enough to Know Better 1

Segments: Pyramids, Left-handedness. Songs: Monster Wife, Heliorap. Cryptozoos: Reindeer, Pokemon, Gremlins. Sketches: Henge Problem,

73 - The Dark Suck

Interview - Greg Wah and Dan Beeston are interviewed by Allen Chang and Alistair Kearney about fictional energy.

72 - Web of Truths

Segments: St. John's Wort is dangerous. Interview: Dr. Rob Raven - Spiders

71 - Animals, Minerals and Vegetables... and Fungi

Segments: Warp drives, Credit card chips, Brand new rocks, Tumeric, Mario. Sketches: Autobots, Noah's daughter, Performance Review.

70 - A Sky Full of Cake

Interview: Brendan Griffen - Dark Energy

69 - Tiny Lady Pipes

Segments: Thyroid, Dog butts, Gluten, Scientists don't like looking at lady parts, 5 second rule, Baby's blood. Sketches: You're off the case, Home run, Drop zone.

68.5 - Rob Who?

Interview: Rob Lloyd and the Science of Doctor Who.

68 - This episode sucks

Interview: Dean Narramore - Tornados.

67 - Hammer Time

Segments: Sedna's sister and the Nature Podcast. Twins and their genetics, The first Knight Spatula. Civilization Falls, Cryptozoo Thor's Hammer. Sketches: Under the Colon, More Phone sex, Maths Sketch Sketch.

66 - How's it Hanging?

Interview: Dr. Jen Parsons - Bats

65 - Everything white with the world.

Segments: White skin, Eyeglasses, Cost of not travlling to space, Name the moon. Sketches: Apocalypse brunch, Meanwhile in Easterous, Alt Therapy. Song: The Heliorap.

64 - The Plastic Brain of Greg Downey

Interview: Prof Greg Downey

63 - The Paperwork

Segments: The Paperwork, Oil Pulling, Magnets, Stephen Hawking adds to our knowledge of black holes. Sketches: Asylum Seekers, Esperanto, Chickens.

62 - Ned's Dead

Interview: Dr. Craig Cormick - The Science of Ned Kelly Segment: Tempering Metal

61 - Magnet Dog

Segments: Dogs detect magnetic fields, The common Cold, Neaderthal relations. Sketches: Keeping Cool, Condiments, The Horns of Jericho

60 - CSI: Chad

Interview: Michele Bannister and how the solar system came to be where it's at right now.

59 - The Magic of Christman

Segments: Dan's Dental Adventure, Pee follow up, Fancy Dinosaurs, Smart Drinkers, Unifying Christ's powers. Sketches: Zombie Speed, Train Sex, A very special Christmas.

58 - Faith Heeler

Interview: Peter Boghossian - Author of "A manual for creating atheists"

57 - Round the back, chocolate's made.

Segments: Gas, Wee, Dogs, Farts, Poo. (This is what happens when you don't compare notes) Sketches: Pascal's wager, Helium Balloons, Van der Waals

56 - Viral Delivery to the Head

Interview: Dave Hawkes. Viruses as a delivery service.

55 - Pokemon WHY?!!

Segments: Pikachu, Color blind, Dinosaur theme park, Heavy photons, Saving people with vaccines. Sketches: Diamond Thieves, Viking Economics, Bikie War.

54 - Sticky Meat

Interview: Dr Joel Gilmore and Molecular Gastronomy Segment: Paleo Diet

53 - Tarnation

Segments: Tarnish, Fat Universe, Godless ethics, Cryptozoo the Flash. Sketches: Swearing, The server, 111 Up.

52 - Solar Panel Beaters

Segments: Element 115, Nuclear hoax. Interview: Anthony Prior from Team Arrow

51 - Absorbant and Yellow and Porous

Segments: Survey, Chad-watch, Plastimake, More Jurassic Park errors, Eating people, Aquaman, Knights Sketches: Amityville, The Vampire, The Menu.

50 - Citizens? Science!

Segments: David Attenborough. Interview: Rob Hollow, Citizen Science

49 - Quit Bugging Me

Segments: Komodo Dragons, Flailing Baby Limbs, Countdown, Mosquitos in the Rain, Geckos, Feas, Bedbugs, Bias and Bats. Sketches: The Lone Ranger, Graduation, Burns

48 - Entangled

Segment: Man of Steel Interview: David Galiel from Elbowfish Games talks about the board game 'Antimatter Matters'.

47 - Year Four ▶

Segments: Bondage makes you well adjusted, Car windscreens, silver and gold, Green lantern Sketches: Genie, The Arch, Eye Exam

46 - Bannister to the Stars

Interview: Michele Bannister - The Outer Planets

45 - Limericles!!

Segments: Limericks, The Flu, How to be Happy, Polar Molecules, Riddle South-East-North, Mass Diet

44 - The Claw!!

Interview: The secret interview, Tal Waterhouse, Dr Carol Oliver and Dr Joel Gilmore.

43 - Walkie Talkies for Guns

Segments: Jurassic Park 4, Eating or the lack there-of, Mossies, Lizards, Putting things into rats, Babies are Jerks, Cicadas. Sketches: Driving Test, Operating System, P-Bleep-A

42 - How is Babby Blood Made?

Interview: Dr. Greg Watson and performance enhancing drugs.

41 - Hue's on First

Segments: The infinite bar riddle, Rebooting the universe, Our new sponsors*, Color Evolution, Theories and Hypothesies. Sketches: The Church of Nobody Know, Death Star IT, Whale research

40 - Display it Again Sam

Interview: Sam Clifford discusses stats and pollution.

39 - Silver Tongues, Brass Holes.

Segments: Neon Squids, Silver, Werewolves, Holding Kitties. Sketches: Stonehenge, Sports Car, Rhyming.

38 - Vanstone Cold Crazy

Segments: Cloning Neanderthals, pets, Carrington Vanston talks about film tech.

37 - Leuco Dye Hard

Segments: Angel Genitals, Eating Dinosaurs, Vampire Farming, What a hand is for, Religious Brains. Sketches: Q, Quantum Tunnels, Movie review

36 - Bananarmageddon

Interview: Dr. Stefan Hajkowicz, Megatrends and the end of the world.

35 - Babies are dumb

Segments: Outrunning Dinosaurs, The trouble with siblings, Dumb Babies, Smart Babies. Sketches: A breakup, Wookie chess, He-man.

34 - Sumner Camp

Interview: Kelly Sumner's Cult Experience Segments: The Bloop (revisited), Jurassic Park couldn't happen.

33 - I Have No Sun!

Segments: Eclipse, Light Switch Riddle, Viruses R Us, Core the Earth, Driving License, City of Gold, Wisdom of Crowds. Sketches: Cannibals, Forest Moon, Total Eclipse of the Heart

32 - Our Future World

Interview: Brisbane Writer's Festival with Paul Gilding, Stefan Hajkowicz and John de Graaf

31 - Don't know Squat

Segments: Probe slowdown, Gender Bias, Toilet Sitting, Sleeping In. Sketches: Gomorah Angels, The Joker, Dragon Slayer.

30 - A Logical Knot

Interview: Logic with Kevin Lowe. Segments: Alkaline diets, Telescope array, Doctor Chiropractor.

29 - Moon Spiders

Segments: Jupiter impact, Riddle - Gold Coins, Animals in Space, Broken Heart, Telescopes. Sketches: Trek, Mary, Footy Show.

28 - The droids we're looking for

Interview: Emily Lakdawalla Segments: Cryptozoo animal splicing, Potential energy, The battle of Autobot City.

27 - Can it!

Segments: Tesla, Moon Dust, Curiosity, Rainbows, Tinned Food, Exploding Termites, The Dragon Riddle, Fear of Crowds, Nasa and we know it. Sketches: Moon landing, Most Dangerous Game, Town Ain't Big Enough.

26 - A Dinosaur Point

Interview: Paul Willis. Segments: Dog's licking, Vampires and mirrors, Ramadan. Sketches: Blofeld's cat, The pope, Turing Test

25.5 - Scratching an Ichth

Segments: Mars 1, Fish Stocks, Smart Traffic

25 - Page Boys

Interview: Carol Gauld. Segments: Zombie Animals, Insects. Sketches: Judas, The 7 Commandments, Carpooling.

24.5 - Not a Drop to Drink

Segments: All the water, The weight of E and sighing.

24 - Melting Down Hearts

Interview: Bob Apthorp. Segments: Smart Enough Expo, Hulk Mortality. Sketches: Arborium, Horoscopes, The Thing.

23.5 - Vision to Mars

Vision problems for space travellers, Mobile Phone pips, jumping into the void. Song: This Lab.

23 - A Nice Bowl of Hot Stu

Interview: Stuart Layt. Segments: Feathered T-rex, Cryptozoo telekinesis. Sketches: Perspective News, Pet Store and Favourite Film.

22.5 - Adelicious

How music works, How Adele works and a song by Dan about bioluminescence.

22 - Boson Walks the Planck

Interview: David Harris. Segments: Warp Drive deceleration, re-enactment of the Copenhangen interpretation. Sketches: Higgs Poem, StormTroopers, Great Apes.

21.5 - Getting the pips

Segments: Mobile Phone pips, Speaking backwards, Hypnosis, lifting heavy stuff. Story: The Cat.

21 - Pulled Out of Our Hats

Interview: Peter Booth. Segments: Earth Weight, Dan's son, How many dead people, Miscarriages. Sketches: History Shaft, Letter Reading.

20.5 - Left Right Handed

Dan and Greg bring Janet the Librarian on to discuss The greatest show on earth, They natter about right handed cavemen and they resolve the National Anthem competition.

20 - The Finger Prince

Interview: Matt Thompson. Segments: Stephen Hawking, The Moon, Leap Seconds. Sketch: Officer Robot.

19.5 - A Load of Old Ring Toss

Brain Dunning discusses zombie powder, ring worlds, testing psychics and bringing back the mammoths.

19 - Nose what evil

Interview: Brian Dunning. Segments: Flying Reindeer, Naming Elements. Sketches: Super Villains, Be Bad

18.5 - Expinktion Level Event

Interview: Steve Nerlich. Segments: Extinction, Pink is not Magenta

18 - Daze of Astronomy

Interview: Steve Nerlich. Segments: Anthem, Tithing. Sketches: Bucks night, Interesting game, Meteorologist.

17.5 - 7 Billion Problems

Interview: Geo. Segments: over-population, strokes. Sketch: blackmail

17 - Hrabbiting on

Interview: George Hrab. Segments: Looking at the sun, Cryptozoo Nightmare on Elm st, National Anthem, WOS: Gold Medals, Impossible Island. Sketches: Food Taster, Prof Wordsworth, At the Races.

16.5 - Week in Geek

Greg and Dan briefly tell you where to get the 'Week in Geek' podcast.

16 - Meating Celebrities

Segments, cyclones, Making Meat, competitions, Too much gold, vaccinations. Sketches: Bruce Wayne School for teens, Fair Trade, FM Radio

15.5 - Whoa! No Way!

Liars, babies in the matrix, orbiting

15 - Episode Number Twos

Interview: Dr Watson returns with bowel info. Segments: Dan's back from France. What you can't do in a space suit. Lemon Batteries. Sketches: 3D Glasses, Kept Man, Tourette's.

14.5 - Wah? What is it good for?

Greg has a rant about space funding. Dan cowers.

14 - Land Before Time

Interview: Jeremy from Walking with Dinosaurs. Segments: Stitcher, Volcano Ash, Ice Bullets in space, Tattoos, Pelicans. Sketches: Buying Milk, Brass Razoos, Monkeys can Rollerskate.

13.5 - Let the right vampire in

Star Trek communicators, Sigh/Kick, Vampire Ethics, Death threats, Tears Tears.

13 - Social Mediocrity

Interview: John Birmingham. Segments: Photons and Black Holes, peeing in the cold, Theft of ideas. Sketches: Learning French, Rapture, Chain Letter.

12.5 - Two Cows worth of meat

Scraps from David Harris, Merkins, Photons and dairy cows.

12 - David Harassment

Interview: David Harris. Segments: Accents, the final challenge - black holes. walk of shame. Sketches: The Frog and the Scorpion, Papa Cicada.

11.5 - Triangle of Controversy

The Pioneer Discrepancy, The moon's Gravity effects, Quakes, Pyroles. Song - Taeniarhynchus saginata, Sketch - 100 word review.

11 - Captain Australia Day

Interview: Capt. Australia. Segments: Cryptozoo - Zombies, Challenge - Diodes, Song - History of Knowledge. Sketches - Troy's Horse, Superman 2020, This Day in History.

10.5 - Conmanship

Philip Escoffey talks about Quantum Physics, Pyroluria and other cons, placebos, then we discuss sky burials, and we celebrate pi and pie.

10 - Why don't you think about it?

Interview: Skeptical Mentalist Phillip Escoffey. Segments: The Richter Scale, Supermoon, Einstein's Theory, Computer composed music. Sketches: Rocket Fuel, Buzz Kill.

9.5 - The Dance

Witches gets licenses, God kills everyone, Dan gets a massage. Cryptozoo 3 - Stop the Flood.

9 - Nazis on the Moon

An interview with Jarmo Puskala, the writer of 'IRON SKY'. Condensation, Blood, Hypothetically Speaking and Greenpeace. Sketches. Last Rites, Standot Comedy, and This day in History.

8.5 - Blood blood blood blood

Offcuts from the John Birmingham interview, a chat about blood and the debut of the song 'Harrison' by Dan.

8 - The Birmingham Special (not a sex position)

Australian accents, John Birmingham, Sound and Light Challenge, Transparent Aluminium. Sketches: New Years Resolution, Who's on first, History.

7.5 - The Little Fulcrum Theory

Porn, Dr Joel: Biophysicist, Why Gold?, SE2KB

7.1 - Emergency Power Band

A quick emergency podcast to discuss the Power Band Press Release. Also, Emergency Power Band is an awesome name for a rock quartet.

7 - Green Christmas

Christmas, Climate change with Joel Gilmore, Double rainbows. Sketches: Nativity, Centipede, History 25th Dec, Jesus Addiction. Thanks to @girlclumsy, Lily and Jack for their voices

6.5 - Walking. On air

Scraps from the cutting room floor. The greatest American Hero, Vegetarianism. Ma of Wah. Sketch: Video that's not quite right. (with Stuart Layt)

6 - Hot Asian Girls

Dengue Fever vaccine, the Bernoulli effect, happiness. Sketches: Heisenberg, Last Meal, This day in history.

5.5 - Stopped in Space

The Pioneer Discrepancy, Ma of Wah and the song 'Super Hero'.

5 - Both Acid and Base Humour

Terror Birds, Acid, Pre-scripted water cycle, Signs. Sketches: The Sun Dial, Mandelbrot, Blue Sky Meeting.

4 - A Mysterious Package

New cards, Calendars, The breakdown of Physics, Immortal Jelly Fish, How to find a planet, Creationist Minute. Sketches - Einstein Diet, Joke that doesn't work on the radio, This day in history, Grace and Inception.

3.7 - Keeping abreast of the situation.

In this half episode our regular pair of tits interview Renee about the ins and outs of mammaries.

3.3 - Smart Enough to Know Politics

Greg and Dan were asked to write some sketches for 612 Brisbane radio in the lead up to the election. This is the compilation.

3 - The ends of the Earth

Hydrostatic equilibrium, Big sun Eta Carinae, Stuart Layt tells three ways the world will end, This day in History. Sketches: Exile, Abraham

2.5 - Choice offcuts from the Doctor

The Rosetta spacecraft, Mystery sounds, Gremlins, and Offcuts from the Doctor. Sketches - Comedy dissection, A visit with animals.

2 - Keep the doctor away!

Giant Attack Whale, Miracle Diet Berries, Neanderthals, Male lactation, Nuclear reactors. Sketches: Mime Artist, Number songs, This day is history.

1.5 - The game with the round ball

Dan and Greg rope Spencer Howson in to discuss soccer, football and then a little Doctor who. Ma of Wah Soccer story. Sketchs - Foo'Baw' , Pan pipes.

1 - Zero Point (and other nerdy surfing locations)

Guatemalan Sink Hole, Tornados, Zero point energy, Life on Titan, Holographs. Sketches - Big Tony, King Richard, This day in History, The Rug Store.