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Episode 179.5

Wah Wonders Why - Wah Punch Man

( Week 1 of Oct 2021 )

Greg explores his favourite pop-culture and talks to Kawaii-Fi about anime.


The only

Micheal Barnes

Ranking Officer 2 years ago

Always greatful for a recommendation of another podcast to enjoy, thanks for pointing Kawaii-Fi my way. For me Anime openning songs can take me back to my early childhood years - Gigantor and Prince planet as well as the ones you named. The Star Blazers song gives you the story better than any lengthy exposition. "Searching for a distant star Heading off to Iscandar Leaving all we love behind Who knows what dangers we'll find

We must be strong and brave Our home we have to save If we don't in just one year Mother Earth will disappear

Fighting with the Gamalons We won't stop until we've won Then we'll return and when we arrive The Earth will survive with our Star Blazers"

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  • The only

    Greg Wah

    Co-Captain 2 years ago

    The moment I started reading this comment I could hear the StarBlazers theme song in my head. I haven't heard that music in 30+ years!

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