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A podcast of Science, Comedy and Ignorance.

The "Talent"

Smart Enough to Know Better have been heard on ABC radio and at the Brisbane Writer's festival. We were nominated for the 2011 UK Skeptics podcast of the year. We didn't win but then we're neither in the UK nor are we a skeptics podcast.

Greg Wah (fore)

Hi! I'm Greg,

I've had a passion for science since an early age, and am a keen advocate of science education and lifelong learning. After years as a librarian, I embarked upon a mid-career change. I now hold a Bachelor of Education (Hons) specialising in Physics and English and I work as a science communicator for the CSIRO. I am currently doing my Masters of Astronomy.

I believe logic, rational thinking and perseverance are all that is needed to explain our universe, and that there is no substitute for evidence-based, peer-reviewed research. The human brain can be good at both Science/Maths and the Arts. In fact, I strongly believe the future of our civilisation lies in the wedding of rational thinking and creativity.

Turn ons: Nicholai Tesla, Tim Minchin, China Mieville, Penn & Teller, Iain M Banks, Craig Ferguson, Doctor Who and gadgets.

Turn offs: intolerance and religious fundamentalism (or any fundamentalism).

@TheWah on Twitter

Dan Beeston (aft)

Hi! I'm Dan,

My position is that 'belief' is a messy word to use. I prefer to say that I remain convinced that a deity is a truly terrible and almost infinitely unlikely explanation for anything. I have considered myself atheistic since reading 'The Blind Watchmaker'. My influences are Douglas Adams, Scott Adams and Richard Dawkins.

I'm ever mindful to keep in mind that no matter what walk of life someone comes from they have knowledge that I don't and that they therefore have something to teach me. I find elitism to be ever so slightly more upsetting than hypocrisy.

I work as one of those internet boffins which means I have lots of time to read up on all those nerdy science stories that keep turning on the web. I wrote Genesis 2 when I realised Douglas Adams wouldn't because he had passed.

@DNABeast on Twitter