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Episode 199

Smart Enough to Taste Tests

Episode 198

Smart Enough to Unseat Belts

Episode 197

Smart Enough to Bug Reports

Episode 196.5

Wah Wonders Why - In a dark, dark wood

( Week 1 of Mar 2023 )

Greg and Dan talk to Professor Peter Quinn about dark matter. From MACHOS, to WIMPS, to WISPS and even MOND (Modified Newtonian Dynamics).

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Episode 196

Smart Enough to Storm Clouds

Episode 195.5

Wah Wonders Why - Book Club - Girls to the front

( Week 1 of Feb 2023 )

More books reviewed with Dr Natasha this time featuring women authors.

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Episode 195

Smart Enough to Honey Smacks

Episode 194

Smart Enough to Ship Shapes