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Episode 149.5

Wah Wonders Why - What the Philosophy - Eugenics

Kevin Lowe returns to discuss eugenics and genetic engineering.

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Episode 149.0

Smart Enough to Pan Cakes

An interview with Dr Wes Fraser about some very special astral bodies.


Episode 148.5

Wah Wonders Why - Astroquest

Three short interviews with the creators of Astrofest.
Kirsten Gottschalk, Dr Luke Davies and Lisa Evans.


Episode 148.0

Smart Enough to Bug Motels

Mars None, Flying Fish and Boobies, Sleeping with dogs, Killing Cockroaches, DNA hacking, Cryptozoo Healing.


Episode 147.0

Smart Enough to Bare Bear Bair

Bears, Cats, Dogs, Bluebottles, Indian/asian Mynas, Chicago and its river.


Episode 146.5

Wah Wonders Why - Jefferson Starfish

Doctor Who fan made radio show by Nat Bochenski


Episode 146.0

Smart Enough to Man Flues

Supernumery nipples. Men getting sick. Fingerprinting urine. New Zealand. The Tassie Devil.


Episode 145.5

Wah Wonders Why - Whether the Weather will Wither the Wether

Climate change. Just how doomed are we?
With Dr Sarah Perkins