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A podcast of Science, Comedy and Ignorance.

Episode 139.0

Smart Enough to Count Mammals

Segments: Hangovers, Hidden mammals, Prickly Pears, Social media bubbles, Cordova 999AD.
Sketch: Diamond Store.

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Episode 138.5

Wah Wonder About Teleportation

Greg chats to Kevin Lowe and Dr Greg Watson about the ethics of teleportation.



Episode 138.0

Smart Enough to Launch Vegemite

Segments: FM spaceships, Cooked TV, James Gilmore and the Gilmore Space Corporation plus a freezing game show.
Sketch: Solo odds


Episode 137.0

Smart Enough to Shave Furries

Segments: Jute and thread counts, domesticating humans, centaurs and Chu.


Episode 136.0

Smart Enough to Frighten Birds

Segments: Falcon Heavy and the Space Tesla, mammals with nighttime vision, The black death


Episode 135.0

Smart Enough to Crack Space Whips

Segments: Dr Alice Gorman, elephant communication


Episode 134.0

Smart Enough to Juggle Balls

Segments: 2017 was pretty great, Orange peel, Man is nicer than Monkeys, Testicle Transplants, Egypt, Cooking God.


Episode 133.0

Smart Enough to Guess Passwords

Segments: Acid in food, Fluffy ffffing dinosaurs, Flare Stacks, Knife injuries by night, and Pimping Thailand.
Sketch: Police Academy