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Episode 155.5

Wah Wonders Why - What Price Victory - Checkin (Ada)

( Week 1 of Oct 2019 )

Greg checks in on Ada from the 'What Price Victory' episode.


  • No notes for this one.
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Episode 155

Smart Enough to Wee Ones

( Week 3 of Sep 2019 )

Sinking the ISS. Syrup. Holding your pee. Protesting. Killing Jar Jar.


Episode 154.5

Wah Wonders Why - What Price Victory - Checkin (Eloise)

( Week 1 of Sep 2019 )

Greg checks in with Eloise regarding what horrors babies inflict on bodies.


Episode 154

Smart Enough to Eye Tests

( Week 3 of Aug 2019 )

An interview with Optometrist Ben. Also grass and ants, Dengue fever update and 20 minutes at the end where we just chat.



Episode 153.5

Wah Wonders Why - Food of the Gods

( Week 1 of Aug 2019 )

Greg dives deep into the world of chocolate.


Episode 153

Smart Enough to Loot Crates

( Week 3 of Jul 2019 )

Bombing the moon, Touch surfaces, Office temperature, the Lymphatic system.


Episode 152.5

Wah Wonders Why - Devil in the detail

( Week 1 of Jul 2019 )

When the scientific method goes awry.
Greg ropes Dan into this one.


Episode 152

Smart Enough to Star Fields

( Week 3 of Jun 2019 )

Indigenous Astronomy with Dr. Duane Hamacher