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Episode 165.5

Wah Wonders Why - The Tax Man Cometh

( Week 1 of Aug 2020 )

A breakdown of Greg's tax

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Episode 165

Smart Enough to Touch Tones

( Week 3 of Jul 2020 )

Dan and Greg chat to Yuma Antoine Decaux about navigating the universe with sound.


Episode 164.5

Wah Wonders Why - Lost Women of Science - Space4Women

( Week 1 of Jul 2020 )

Dr SpaceJunk - A/Prof Alice Gorman returns to share her bounty of knowledge


Episode 164

Old Enough to Know Better

( Week 3 of Jun 2020 )

Carrington Vanston interview Greg and Dan about the podcast and how it came to be.


Episode 163

Smart Enough to Drill Bits

( Week 3 of May 2020 )

Sex underwater, Apples, Drilling, De-orbiting satellites.


Episode 162.5

Wah Wonders Why - What the Philosophy? - The price on your head

( Week 1 of May 2020 )

Kevin, the podcast's Philosopher-in-residence, returns to discuss with Greg how much a human life should be valued.


Episode 162

Smart Enough to Wear Wolves

( Week 3 of Apr 2020 )

Toothpaste and OJ, Werewolves on the moon, Peak unhappiness, Terminal velocity of arrows.


Episode 161.5

Wah Wonders Why - Snapshots

( Week 5 of Mar 2020 )

Greg takes a global snapshot talking to people around the globe about
their pandemic experience. From the U.S, Grenada, New Zealand,
Phillipines, Australia, Germany, France, and the U.K people from all
walks of life share their thoughts about the pandemic that effects us all.

0h:1m:51s Jess and Gabby - St George's, Grenada.

0h:19m:55s Gabe - Baguio City, Philippines.

0h:30m:15s Megan and Vijay - Munich, Germany.

0h:37m:32s Steve - San Antonio, USA.

0h:45m:48s Eloise - Brisbane, Australia.

1h:02m:31s Natalie - Brisbane, Australia.

1h:15m:02s Rose - London, UK.

1h:29m:07s Kath - Wellington, New Zealand.

1h:38m:03s Elana - Perth, Australia.

1h:43m:28s Amaya - New York, USA.

2h:00m:30s Celine - Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France.

2h:08m:02s Jay - Australia.

2h:16m:36s Dan - The Smart Enough To Know Better Comedy Bunker,


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