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Episode 175.5

Wah Wonders Why - Who Owns Space

( Week 1 of Jun 2021 )

Greg and Dan talk to a Space Lawyer about Space Law!

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Episode 175

Smart Enough to Hoof Hearts

( Week 3 of May 2021 )

X-rays, Chinese rockets, Subtitles, Why men live shorter than women, Bug Zappers and Unicorns.


Episode 174.5

Wah Wonders Why - Snapshots Africa

( Week 1 of May 2021 )

Greg talks to Tara about how South Africa has been coping with the Year of Covid19



Episode 174

Smart Enough to Heidi Hi

( Week 3 of Apr 2021 )

Heidi Allen chats about prehistoric slime and the giant stone towers it created


Episode 173.5

Wah Wonders Why - Snapshots 3 - One Year Later

( Week 1 of Apr 2021 )

Greg catches up with with people around the globe.



Episode 173

Smart Enough to Time Tunnels

( Week 3 of Mar 2021 )

Grass, Cryptocurrency, Dan's in trouble, Planet tunnel, Patient squid


Episode 172.5

Episode Wah Wonders Why - Here Comes The Sun

( Week 1 of Mar 2021 )

Doctor Joel Gilmore returns to talk renewables and how boned are we? Dan is occasionally helpful.


Episode 172

Smart Enough to Count Dracula

( Week 3 of Feb 2021 )

Mars Spaceships, Brush Turkeys, Vampire Hospital, Youth Music, Fahrenheit Conversion