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Episode 209

Smart Enough to Ground Control

( Week 3 of Mar 2024 )

Easter Dates, The Nasal Cycle, Fainting, Anthotypes, Space Cadavers and Long Covid's name.


The only

Micheal Barnes

Ranking Officer 3 months ago

Another brilliant episode, funny and informative extactly what it says on the tin. The post credit sequences seem to be getting longer and longer (agree with the explanation about the reason regarding the long covid piece).

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  • The only

    Greg Wah

    Co-Captain 3 months ago

    Thanks for the kind words, Michael. Dan and I usually natter on for up to an hour before and after recording the podcast. Usually it's utter nonsense or not-safe-for-broadcast, or both, but sometimes it's podcast-adjacent or supplemental and makes its way in.

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