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Episode 166

Smart Enough to Dust Mites

( Week 3 of Aug 2020 )

Science Week, Space Force, Henrietta Lacks, Thanos' snap, Greedy Gulls.


The only

Michael Jude Peter Barnes (legacy)

Smartzi 3 years ago

Wonderful podcast to kick off this Australian Science Week-ish.

Thumbs up for Space Force and I agree in thumbs down for Ad Astra all the ponderousness of 2001 without any of the new ideas that significant film gave us.

Hey No kink shaming for liking cute goth death from The Sandman.

CryptoZoo was a fun discussion. I would suggest instead that the Infinity Gauntlet could manipulate the scalar value of the Higgs Field given it's what gives electrons and quarks mass.

I initially misread the entry "Gulls prefer human food" as "Gulls prefer human blood" shades of The Birds.

Oh my Dan assigning racial stereotypes to their patreons, is there a more serious metaphor than a trainwreck to describe the last few minutes of this podcast prior to the outakes.

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