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Episode 87

Eleven out of Ten

( Week 3 of Feb 2015 )

Segments: Neanderthal sex location, Zambonis, Avocados, Women lie about disliking men, LSD Dinosaurs, Surviving in a fictional universe.
Sketches: Transylvanian Fonts, Love Poem, Knowing Each Other.


The only

Michael Jude Peter Barnes (legacy)

Smartzi 9 years ago

Excellent podcast, and if I wasn't going to survive in a fictional universe by being me. I would survive by being a lone survivor. If your family is murdered by gangsters, or your land stolen by corrupt bankers, or massacred by a tribal warlord (aka Conan admittedly doesn't happen as much these days) then as long as the person who done you wrong is alive you can not die.

  • Funny
  • Clever
  • Heartwarming
  • Confronting
  • Trash
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