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Episode 3.3

Smart Enough to Know Politics

Greg and Dan were asked to write some sketches for 612 Brisbane radio in the lead up to the election. This is the compilation.


  • Opposition
  • Pets for the Elderly
  • Polster
  • Hostage
  • Julia and the GG
  • Sat nav
  • Iron Chef
  • Rudd's Big Picture
  • Mr Rabbit
  • The Press Gallery
  • The real Julia
  • Tips with Tim
  • Leak
  • Latham - Cub Reporter
  • Chaplaincy
  • Latham vs Abbot
  • Keep the Boats out
  • God is my Deputy
  • Rudd's Bladder
  • Hot to Vote
  • Bonus: Spencer's chat
  • with help from @SpencerHowson, @girlclumsy and the fiend
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