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Episode 3.3

Smart Enough to Know Politics

( Week 3 of Aug 2010 )

Greg and Dan were asked to write some sketches for 612 Brisbane radio in the lead up to the election. This is the compilation.


  • Opposition
  • Pets for the Elderly
  • Polster
  • Hostage
  • Julia and the GG
  • Sat nav
  • Iron Chef
  • Rudd's Big Picture
  • Mr Rabbit
  • The Press Gallery
  • The real Julia
  • Tips with Tim
  • Leak
  • Latham - Cub Reporter
  • Chaplaincy
  • Latham vs Abbot
  • Keep the Boats out
  • God is my Deputy
  • Rudd's Bladder
  • Hot to Vote
  • Bonus: Spencer's chat
  • with help from @SpencerHowson, @girlclumsy and the fiend


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