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Episode 184

Smart Enough to Post Scarcity

( Week 3 of Feb 2022 )

We interview Manu Saadia about the economics of Star Trek.


The only

Micheal Barnes

Ranking Officer 2 years ago

Delightful, I really enjoy the episodes when you get to focus on a single topic that is obviously a passion for both of you. STTR:TNG S1 E25 "The Neutral Zone" is one where the utopic nature of the federation is contrasted with the 20th century summed up in this exchange Ralph Offenhouse: But what's the challenge? Picard: The challenge is to improve yourself; enrich yourself. Enjoy it. Also Dr. Crusher notes that the ailments that killed the three 20th century people are easily remedied in the 24th century.

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    Greg Wah

    Co-Captain 2 years ago

    It makes me sad so many people can't see the promise of a world sans money, Or at least a world where by chance and happenstance you could die just because of your place and circumstance of birth. I've been told many times I'm a utopian thinker , but I disagree. People have come to accept the dystopia they currently live in is the only way. They'll continue to accept it until their comfortable middle-class lives and ripped away by global events. Here's an idea - how about we don't wait until everything turns to shite before we do something. I know, I know - crazy utopian Greg Wah and his crazy ideas of not letting a cabal of rich people take all the wealth for themselves. What an ultramaroon.

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