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Episode 129.0

Smart Enough to Know Nutty Robots

David Bell chats about macadamia nuts and robots
Also magnet fishing and who's murder bird is who?

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Episode 128.0

Smart Enough to Know Pheromone Trains

Dr Kirsti Abbott talks about Ants.


Episode 127.0

Smart Enough to Know our Medium Mean Mode

Averages, Drinking pee, Counting Spiders, Australian Hats.


Episode 126.0

Smart Enough to Know Stone Zuul

Dr. Caitlin Syme explains two exciting dinosaur fossils.


Episode 125.0

Smart Enough to Know Spider Diets

Spider diets, Smurfs, Musk brain mesh, Sweat, Pimping Sicily


Episode 124.0

Getting Dogs Drunk

Beer, Sharks, New Continent, Sad Dogs, Tonga.


We interview Dr. Helen Czerski about ocean bubbles and froth.


Episode 122.0

Your New Organ and You

The blackest black. A brand new organ. Popcorn popcorn. The weight of everything. English China. Moscow 1400AD. Coke as a pesticide.