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For Hire

Professional Master of Ceremonies

Need a professional MC for your event? Both Greg and Dan have been doing that stuff for years and they’re both really good. Either separately or as a team.

  • Corporate awards nights
  • Business parties
  • Weddings

Contact dan@smartenough.org or greg@smartenough.org for a quote.

They’ve got the skills that can keep your event galloping along.

Perhaps you'd like to solve a grisly murder

Greg and Dan have been hosting Murder Mysteries for ten years now. If you’d like to get either (or both) of them to host your office christmas party or hen’s night get in contact with Applause Entertainment and ask to get Greg Wah and Dan Beeston involved.

(We recommend the Murder Mansion or the 1920’s Speakeasy stories)

Greg and Dan are based in Perth and Brisbane respectively (in Australia). The further you are from there the more it'll cost you.