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Episode 183

183.0 - Smart Enough to Race Rats

( Week 3 of Jan 2022 )

The Tonga Volcano, Spicy Food, Facial Hair, Contraception, Rats Driving, Mirrors, Geometric Mean.


The only

Micheal Barnes

Ranking Officer 10 months ago

Brilliant as usual. The update on the Tonga eruption was a clear and welcome piece much appreciated. Its a struggle talking about it with work colleagues because I it's so interesting from a geophysical perspective while acknowledging its a tragedy. Greg sounded like he has also experienced this.

Also for the sizzle this week should have run with Dan's "The ovaries are the north Korea of the human body".

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  • The only


    Co-Captain 10 months ago

    I can't use my best joke up front. It doesn't reward the dedicated listener.

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