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Episode 183

183.0 - Smart Enough to Race Rats

( Week 3 of Jan 2022 )

The Tonga Volcano, Spicy Food, Facial Hair, Contraception, Rats Driving, Mirrors, Geometric Mean.


The only

Micheal Barnes

Ranking Officer 2 years ago

Brilliant as usual. The update on the Tonga eruption was a clear and welcome piece much appreciated. Its a struggle talking about it with work colleagues because I it's so interesting from a geophysical perspective while acknowledging its a tragedy. Greg sounded like he has also experienced this.

Also for the sizzle this week should have run with Dan's "The ovaries are the north Korea of the human body".

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  • The only


    Co-Captain 2 years ago

    I can't use my best joke up front. It doesn't reward the dedicated listener.

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