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Episode 186

Smart Enough to Cool Cats

( Week 3 of Apr 2022 )

How many people there should be, Bioluminescent Algae, Cat offspring, Blood in space, Petrol Bowsers.


The only

Micheal Barnes

Ranking Officer 3 months ago

Enjoyed the eclectic mix of stuff in this podcast. I was suprised how much less of a part agriculture played in humanities numbers. Still think Norman Borlaug needs more recognition though. Weirdly what I most enjoyed was learning about the coil on petrol pumps. Someing I have seen every week yet never thought to ask why. Keep doing this great podcast, as long as you two still enjoy doing it, I'l always look forward to listening.

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  • The only

    Greg Wah

    Co-Captain 3 months ago

    Thanks Michael,

    Norman Borlaug and the Green revolution is definitely not talked about enough. Without all the amazing work done in the 1970s there would be far fewer fed humans on Earth. Science mitigating what could have been a terrible tragedy before it happened.

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