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Episode 96.0

Climate Change Your Mind

Interview: John Cook - Climate Change debate techniques

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Episode 95.0

The Reich Stuff

Segments: Wolves and baboons, cars and fuel gauges, Dinosaur fingers, Germany 1920
Sketches: Tech Support, Old Macdonald, Documentary


Episode 94.0

CSI: Mutoudeng Village

Interview: Caitlin Syme and dinosaur forensics.


Episode 93.0

Rats and Cats

Segments: Rats have empathy, Cats like boxes, can ultrasound damage your ear, Who wants to shoot Hitler, Wiltshire England 2000BC, Terminal Velocity of a plane.

Sketches: Firefighteer, Apology, Different sketch.


Episode 92.0

Slippery When Wet

Interview: Dean Narramore returns to discuss weather and transport.


Episode 91.0

Hearing Silence

Segments: Private Schools, Infrasound, Pat your dog, Pimp my Time - Khmer Empire.
Sketches: Time protest, Paranoia, Cycle of Fear.


Episode 90.0

Lumber Jacked

Interview: Michael Green - Wooden Skyscrapers


Episode 89.0

Thunder in the Middle

Segments: Salt water, Eyelash length, He-Man cryptozoo, Zombie spread, Pimp my Time - French Revolution.
Sketches: History, Robert the Robber, Neck Pinch