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A podcast of Science, Comedy and Ignorance.

Episode 159.5

Wah Wonders Why - Lost Women of Science

( Week 1 of Feb 2020 )

Greg is joined by Dr Alice Gorman and Kathryn Ross to discuss the experience of women in science.

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Episode 159

Smart Enough to Perfect Pixels

( Week 3 of Jan 2020 )

Ultima Thule, Retro Consoles, Vampire power, Movies in the 2020s, Colder as you climb, More continents.


Episode 158.5

Wah Wonders Why - What the Philosophy?! - Compromise

( Week 1 of Jan 2020 )

Greg talks to Kevin Lowe about compromise.



Episode 158

Smart Enough to Peck Pickles

( Week 3 of Dec 2019 )

Prepping, Raising Children, Pickles, Angry Empathy. Also Soda Blasting, Nitrogen, Pink Noise and walks of shame about continents and dog years.


Episode 157.5

Wah Wonders Why - Sad Astra

( Week 1 of Dec 2019 )

Greg and Dan really complain (possibly a bit too much) about a film by a celebrated director that frustrated both of them.


Episode 157

Smart Enough to Click Bait

( Week 3 of Nov 2019 )

A conversation with Darren Hamley about dolphins and teaching.


Episode 156.5

Wah Wonders Why - Taste Test

( Week 1 of Nov 2019 )

A chocolate experiment



Episode 156

Smart Enough to Shoot Stars

( Week 3 of Oct 2019 )

An interview about where rocks come from with Space Rock Scientist Dr. Lucy Forman