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Episode 100 - FREE LIVE SHOW

Tue 01 September will see the 100th episode of Smart Enough To Know Better, recorded live at the Brisbane Powerhouse. This exciting hour of science, comedy and ignorance will be a game show where you, the audience can show off all those weird and wonderful facts and tidbits you normally keep to chat up people at parties. You can even win fabulous prizes!

More details at the Powerhouse Website

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Episode 99.0

Adrift and Encrusted

Segments: Vegan Diet, Barnacles, Magnetic Pole Flip, Columbus and the Pox.
Sketches: Multiverse

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Episode 98.0

Spaced Out

Interview: Rebecca Allen - Pluto flyby, plasma tubes.


Episode 97.0

Floats like an Elephant

Segments: Pluto, Questions, Getting taller, Dumbo, Greece
Sketches: Slippery Slope, Prank Call, Amedeo


Episode 96.0

Climate Change Your Mind

Interview: John Cook - Climate Change debate techniques


Episode 95.0

The Reich Stuff

Segments: Wolves and baboons, cars and fuel gauges, Dinosaur fingers, Germany 1920
Sketches: Tech Support, Old Macdonald, Documentary


Episode 94.0

CSI: Mutoudeng Village

Interview: Caitlin Syme and dinosaur forensics.


Episode 93.0

Rats and Cats

Segments: Rats have empathy, Cats like boxes, can ultrasound damage your ear, Who wants to shoot Hitler, Wiltshire England 2000BC, Terminal Velocity of a plane.

Sketches: Firefighteer, Apology, Different sketch.


Episode 92.0

Slippery When Wet

Interview: Dean Narramore returns to discuss weather and transport.