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A podcast of Science, Comedy and Ignorance.

Episode 85.0

A Bite to the Skull

Segments: Bubbles, Infrared, Minor Planets, Zombie Supermarket, Head Lice.
Sketches: Good Cop, Terrible Cop. Cat out of the Bag, Issac Newton Newtonian Weight Loss Programme.

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Episode 84.0

The Future of Work

Interview: Dr Stefan Hajkowicz and the future of work.


Episode 83.0

Sweeping the Chimney

Segments: Chimneys in the wind, Cracker Science, Mosquito mouths, The Grim Reaper's speed, Chickens and Eggs at the same time.
Sketches: The wrong religion, Eating my Bodyweight, 12 days of Xmas.


Episode 82.0

Bug Hunt

Cryptozoo: How to cook xenomorphs with Kenji Lopez-Alt


Episode 81.0

A Relay Race of Disease.

Segments: Bubbles, When the neandersex happened, Hand drying, Electricity and the horse race, Holograms for wifi.
Sketches: T3h Raven, Meeting Dave, Courteous Aliens.


Episode 80.0

Popcorn Cows

Interview: Daniella Martin and eating bugs


Episode 79.0

Babies under the table

Segments: Alcohol in breast milk, attractive men, genetics of your ex-boyfriend, Onions, Tellitubbies.
Sketches: Wookie, New suit, 100% of the brain.


Episode 78.0

Off the Scale

Interview: David Steen - Snakes, tortoises and Godzilla.