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A podcast of Science, Comedy and Ignorance.

Episode 105.0

Hey Chicken! You Yella?

Segments: White shirts, Ant medication, Petrol reclaimation and Pimp my Time Kentucky.
Sketches: Echo Location, Mars Attacks, Broken Video Game.

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Episode 104.0

Dan and Greg talk rubbish

Interview: Kristin Metzeling about recycling


Episode 103.0

Lie in it

Segments: Make your bed. Mt Fuji. Babies are goal oriented. Pimp Tehran 500BC


Episode 102.0

The Lost Interview

Interview: Madeline O'Leary - Epilepsy and Fish.


Episode 101.0

Horizontal Partying

Segments: Adrenalin, Grandmothers, Air Turbines, Rome 1.
Sketches: Earthquake, Probe, Sketch Artist


Episode 100.0

A turtle poking out LIVE

Episode 100 was recorded live at the Powerhouse Turbine Platform. We play a game show where the audience brings us science stories.

Sponsored by spacificatravel.com and aquariumstogo.com.au


Episode 99.0

Adrift and Encrusted

Segments: Vegan Diet, Barnacles, Magnetic Pole Flip, Columbus and the Pox.
Sketches: Multiverse


Episode 98.0

Spaced Out

Interview: Rebecca Allen - Pluto flyby, plasma tubes.