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Episode 119.0

Deep Sausages

Mars, Blisters, Grip strength, Glue, Pre Incan Tech, Smiling Losers.

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Episode 118.0

A lovely bowl of Bufo Marinus

Greg and Dan chat to Michelle Franklin about the Cane Toad epidemic. Also addresses and ultrasounds.



Episode 117.0

Squeezing buttocks live at the Planting Festival

Greg and Dan run their game show LIVE at the Planting Festival at Woodford.


Episode 116.0

A Blunt Chat with Dr. Cassandra Perryman

Cassandra Perryman on drugs and addiction


Episode 115.0

Black Suits

Crows and tubes, Sonic Booms, Magnetic tapes, Celebrity poop.


Episode 114.0

The Harvest

Organ donation with Dr. Aimee Cunningham


Episode 113.0

Hair Brained

Crows sense of self, Frizzy Hair, Sucking blood, Going Loco in Merv.


Episode 112.0

Planet Nein

Greg and Dan, with the help of Dr Michele Bannister discuss the Pluto flyby results and the mysterious planet found on the outskirts of our solar system.